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Time to regulate online Rubah4d gambling?



People who never bet on sports make an exception this time of year. Something about the NCAA basketball tournament–maybe it’s the appeal of filling out those brackets and tracking their progress each day–brings out the gambler in all of us. But if some members of Congress get their way, we won’t be able to place any of those bets online.


The proposed Internet Gambling Protection Act would prohibit using the Internet to operate a gaming business. But trying to shut down a multibillion-dollar industry with consumer demand that includes an estimated 8 million Americans annually is an empty legislative effort. Instead of outlawing it, Congress should regulate it.


Online gambling is now a $12 billion-a-year industry. Americans anted up more than $500 million to bet on this year’s Super Bowl online, an increase of more than 12 percent from last year and more than five times the amount wagered through Nevada casinos. Overall, Americans wagered nearly $6 billion online in 2005, compared with about $1.5 billion in 2001.


The U.S. government says the consumers who placed these Rubah4d bets are in violation of the Wire Act, which was originally aimed at organized crime and sought to prevent gambling businesses from operating by phone in states where it was otherwise illegal to gamble.


This law shouldn’t be applied to Internet betting. No case law or statute clearly defines where Internet bets are taking place. BetOnSports, for example, is based in Costa Rica. Our customers can place bets from anywhere that has an Internet connection. In part because of this ambiguity, no one has been prosecuted for online betting under the law.


Enforcing this outdated law, or passing new legislation, would be foolish at best and a violation of privacy and individual freedom at worst. …

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$50,000 Win From $1 For Lucky Player at casino en ligne francais



Bingo777An online bingo player has scooped a massive $50,000 jackpot… from her last dollar!


After depositing $50 in Bingo in her favorite bingo site, Bingo777, Christine P. from Tennessee was having a ball playing her usual games. After a while and an unlucky losing streak she was down to her last dollar. Not disheartened she played on. What resulted will stay with Christine for the rest of her life as her last dollar scooped up a huge $50,000 prize.


During the Mega Ball game, Christine’s luck turned from cold to red hot as she hit the jackpot.’s manager, Adam Sutherland, said “We’re really happy to have given Christine so much bang for her buck, literally! Turning a single dollar into 50,000 isn’t exactly the sort of thing you see every day!”

Indeed it’s not. What’s even more remarkable, was that her last dollar was not even hers! Christine earned her $1 by playing at Bingo777 enough to win it as a comp’ prize. After playing through her $50 deposit, she cashed in the comp’ and went back to try one more time.


Christine has yet to comment on her amazing good fortune. We think it may take a while for her to recover enough to do so.

Read our review of Bingo777 here, you could be the next jackpot winner.


Bingo 777 Seats Sail For The High Seas


Join in the fun on the Bingo 777 bingo cruise, this $5,000 prize is up for grabs now


Ever played your favorite bingo game on the ocean waves? If you find the same old bricks and mortor bingo hall can get a little “samey” at times, you should hop on over to Bingo 777 this summer.


Bingo 777 have an oustanding …

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The Future of Mobile Gaming

Ban sees the future of real money gaming as an opportunity for him, and his company. “That [real money mobile gaming] is something that we are always looking to do. Obviously, right now from a legal perspective, in the US its just not doable, but as we branch out internationally, its an angle for the game that we would love to get into, its something that we could do very easily.”

The question becomes what about the good ol US of A? Obviously, the issue of internet gaming has been a sticky one these past couple years. The mobile arena, however, seems a little more cut and dried, as carriers are subject to local laws and regulations. What about a mobile service offering some kind of offshore gaming application – Is this possible? “In the US, it is illegal to be running any type of interstate gaming””We’re not in that space, and we have no plans today to be in that space”. “I don’t think the carriers are going to touch it, because it is illegal, and they are a highly regulated industry” says Babbs. Ban tends to agree “Gambling is a sensitive subject…not only to carriers, but to device manufacturers and to large networks…it’s a little tricky to get around sometimes”.

Infospace has come up with a value solution where cash does not change hands, but the more skilled players can be rewarded with prizes that are donated via sponsors. Prizes range from T-shirts to gift cards, which spend like cash. pengeluaran hk plus for prizes is Infospace’s primary poker offering. “First of all, we wanted to create something that didn’t exist in the mobile realm at all, which is a mobile multi player tournament environment where people compete against each other for prizes.” Thus far, Babbs is pleased …

Advanced Poker Odds Calculations – Part 2 on



In the last post, I covered two mathematical formulas useful for calculating advanced odds for poker hands – Texas Hold’em in particular. That post covered the basics. Let’s get in to some more details. (Please re-read the previous post before continuing, as the latter-half of this post is fairly math-dense.)


There are 10 categories of poker hands. They are, from highest value to lowest:


(1) Royal flush = Ace through 10 in the same suit)

(2) Straight flush = Five consecutive cards in the same suit

(3) Four of a kind = Four cards of the same value

(4) Full house = Three of a kind plus a pair

(5) Flush = Five consecutive cards in value, any suit

(6) Straight = Five cards of the same suit, no sequence necessary

(7) Three of a kind = Three cards of the same value, any suit

(8) Two pair = One pair of one card value, and another pair of another value.

(9) One pair = Two of a kind

(10) No pair


These are the poker hands that can be dealt from a single deck of 52 cards. These are just as applicable to Texas Hold’em as other forms of poker. Let’s have a look at some of the total possible unique hands for each category. Recall from the last post that there are 2,598,960 unique 5-card hands possible from a standard deck of 52, where order of cards does not matter.


Royal Flush

Based on the definition, there can only be 4 possible royal flush hands because there are only four suits in a deck. These are very rare, obviously. The odds of being dealt 5 straight cards to form a flush are 4/2,598,960 =~ 1/650,000. [Note: these apply to the scenario where …