PGP: Encryption

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The basic reason why encryption is done is to protect the data and to only allow authorized people as far as viewing of the data is concerned. Of coursein case of encryption, apart from authorized people no other person can view the data. Different encryption methodologies are being applied by different people nowadays as per their requirements.
As mentioned above there are many various encryption methods available nowadays as a lot of study and development has taken place in this technology as well. In this article our topic of discussion is the PGP method encryption. The method is in most of the cases utilized by business officials and major organizations. PGP basically means “Pretty Good Privacy”. The Method was created back in the year 1991 and the name of the developer was Phil Zimmermann. Though the method remains one of the most famous encryption methods however throughout the years several changes have been made in it.

Encryption: Basics
Just to give you some basics about encryption, the data which is normal and which is also readable is called as plaintext while on the other hand data which is encrypted is referred to as ciphertext.Needless to say complex algorithms are applied to convert the plaintext into ciphertext. The type and number of algorithms to be utilized differ as per the adopted encryption method.
Benefits of PGP Encryption

Explaining the whole PGP encryption methodology will be pretty complex and for a person like you who is a layman, it is also not that much important for you. The thing which is important for you are the benefits, which you can gain through PGP Encryption. These benefits are as follows
– The information which is considered valuable by you is always under protection and nobody can view or steal it from you
– The information can very easily be shared with other individuals or groups and company departments as well
– Easy to ascertain the reason and origin of the email
– The PGP encryption can work with all email applications and there are no compatibility issues
– Verification is received by you regarding the information sender
– There is complete surety of “no modification” related to information which you receive or send
– Nobody can alter the files without your knowledge
– The PGP encryption is complaint with privacy legislations and legislations related to data protection as well

– Protection against viruses and other such threats are very much their
– Your data such as text and email is completely secured from hackers and alike
– The smaller files are always compressed before the encryption process which helps in the overall sending of the files
The PGP encryption as explained already is extensively used in the market nowadays and the prime reason behind its wide usage are the benefits which have been listed above. If you are running a company or an enterprise then PGP encryption is the way forward for you. what we have mentioned is just the tip of an iceberg as the real benefits will be enjoyed by you through physical application if the methodology.


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