World Wide QQWIN99


There is a new element to professional poker play that was never more evident than last week. We all know about table selection but now professional QQWIN99 players have to consider “Continent Selection.” Last week there were major tournaments in London (World Series of Poker Europe) another tournament in Turks and Caicos (World Poker Tour) and players at the WPT event hopped privated jets to Aruba for the Ultimate Bet tournament and then there was the most recent leg of the Asian Poker Tour in Seoul, Korea.Players have lots of factors to weigh in making a tournament selection:

-travel arrangements and time consideration;

-overlap with next event;

-proximity to next event;

-television coverage and broadcast area;

-sponsors perks (did they comp the suite?);

-tour name recognition (WPT, WSOP, EPT…);

-sponsors required play (the PokerStars team showed in Seoul because it was a PokerStars sponsored event; the FullTilt team had a big presence in London because that is what the Professor wanted).

A lot of the players are also taking into account the competition, players can only make it to one event and if all of the European players are going to play in the WSOPE then the fields like Pot Limit Omaha will be tough.

Another factor to be considered is the increase in championships to be won. In years past there was one big event to win a week if that, now while you are hoisting the WSOPE trophy another player is having his picture taken with a WPT pile of money. More tournaments, more winners, more poker resumes being built.

Who says poker is not a business? Now let me see, the $110 at Binions at 7 PM or the 8 o’clock for $120 at the Venetian?

Life’s A Bluff returns today to 3 strips a week. …

Be Investment Smart: Safest Ways To Invest Money


Everyone wants to boost their savings and have more money in the bank – one of the quickest ways you can do this is through investment.

But if you can’t stand the idea of losing your money, then you might be put off from investing. Especially, when you hear horror stories of how people have lost everything through a small investment mistake. However, you also realize that storing your money safely in the private investment trust bank isn’t doing you any good, as all it’s doing is sitting there.

So what is the answer? Should you risk it all and invest or should you leave your money safely tucked away in the bank? Well, that depends on whether you want to grow your savings – if you want to grow what you have, then you need to take a risk and invest.

If you choose to take the risk and invest, you will be pleased to know that there are many options for low-risk investment. So your money should be pretty safe.

To help you be investment smart and invest your money safely, we have put together a simple guide below:

Make diverse investments

Instead of putting all your money in one pot, spread out your savings and use them to make a range of different investments. This is known as diversification.

By spreading your money out over various investments, you can reduce the risk of losing everything. So if one investment, such as a stock investment goes down and loses you money, you still have your other investments to count on.

Invest in tax lien

One of the safest investment options is investing in tax lien. Although, you won’t make money as quickly as you could by investing in stock, investing in a tax lien is pretty much …

Digital Marketing Strategy: Executive edition


Award winning book for business professionals and students:

”Best Marketing book 2015” – PIM jury – PIM award

“Magnus Opus with amazing content” – FrankWatching

”Must read for Digital Marketing experts and CEO’s” – CustomerTalk

”One word: INNOVATIVE!” – Marketingtribune

”Best Marketing book” – Marketing online


– 800 pages with the latest academic digital marketing models;

– Moren dan 160 strategic models;


– incl. Digital marketing plan design.

Why should you read it?…

Time-honored marketing maxims erode at record-breaking speed. From an operational perspective, many ‘new and improved’ best practices have been developed, introduced, applauded, adapted, overhauled and, in most cases, quickly relegated to the rearview mirror of a world that is forever gaining digital traction. And that’s only on the tactical level. When you zoom out for a strategic view, things get much more complex, fast. Strategies that used to spell instant success, now scream IMMINENT FAILURE in blood-red neon. Pray those letters don’t pop up on your corporate HQ, and, if they do, blame it on the digital age?

You could. But you don’t have to. Digital Marketing Strategy provides a future-proof marketing framework for the digital environment. Based on solid academic research (no fuzzy gut feelings, but clear, fact-driven insights), and backed by over 100 strategic models. This 750 page magnum opus by Assistant Professor in Marketing Emile Lancée (VU University, Amsterdam) is NIMA accredited and part of the official academic curriculum. In 2015, the book (“truly innovative, all-encompassing and highly relevant”) was awarded the prestigious PIM marketing literature prize.

This executive edition is the first version tailored to the needs of CEO’s, marketing executives and business professionals. The book is divided into five parts: digital consumer behavior, digital …

Ivan Demidov Lands Two Main Event Final Tables


Ivan Demidov has proven his skill in more ways than one.  Not only is he part of the 2008 World Series of Poker’s November Nine, but he also made the final table of the 2008 World Series of Poker Europe’s Main Event.  That is amazing!  This is the first time a player has been a final tablist for both the WSOP and WSOPE Main Event.  While we won’t know the results for the hk prize until November, Demidov survived some of the toughest competition to place third in Europe.

In his final hand, Demidov’s straight and flush draw was called out by John Juanda’s pocket aces.  Demidov took home a nice £334,850.  John Juanda now leads Stanislav Alekhin in the heads-up battle for the bracelet.

Come November 9th, Demidov will start the WSOP Main Event final table standing in second place for the chip lead.   If he can keep his current standing, he’ll walk away with $5,790,024.  However, second place is not what any poker player strives for.  The real prize is first place for $9,119,517 and the WSOP Main Event bracelet.  Just over five weeks remain until the final table can be played out.

Ivan Demidov is relatively new to the poker profession.  In addition to the two Main Events, Demidov also placed in 11th place in the 2008 WSOP $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em rebuy event.  His accomplishment is astounding for anyone, especially for someone that others may still refer to as a rookie.  Rookie or not, Demidov has proven he has what it takes.

WSOP Maint Event Episodes Airing on ESPN Now!

Last night the first 2 episodes of the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event were aired on ESPN and ESPN HD.  All of the world’s best poker players were on hand for the 39th playing …

Stomach fat excreted after birth

Sisters birth fats are also liquid recovery procedure should be easier than the case of long-fat, fat was converted Cellulite also called as tough fat, clots. Technology Thermo C, generation 4G direct impact on the direct vented to cleanse the body. Formula applied to the principles of natural body, with high frequency ranges from 3000 nm to 8000 nm. Line of light vibrations shall penetrate into each adipose tissue, liquefied fat, and burn fat and stimulate the lymphatic circulation to excreted toxins and glut water.

Immediately after fat is delivered from the body, cooling system ThermoC in technology shall impact on each skin; helps minimize pores and construct “prom” people more rapidly. Cooling system of the machine shall directly impact on the collection and were degenerate stretching, firming, increase flexibility, compact compliance to the phenomenon, masonry, and get better the structure and bright of the skin.

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Welcome New Year 2010, Belas Spa10% concession – 30% of all the preference services especially charming.

By now that we can truly tell that the witch has taken away any party, disgrace on our faces were the symbols of avarice, sins and make-up that we abused in the ago two weeks. We feel a bit’ more cumbersome, our skin care is stretched and perhaps even compose several pimples. Now that you’re wondering how to get back in shape? It shall not be simple, because your body wants to purge the …

Did Plus Token and OneCoin led to Bitcoin Declines in 2022?


According to a well-known investor, Ponzi’s two largest alleged schemes in the history of the cryptocurrency industry may have led to the Bitcoin declines we’ve seen in recent months. It’s about OneCoin and Plus Token.

Are OneCoin and Plus Token cashing out after their exit scam?

After reaching the highest level of USD 14,000 at the end of June, Bitcoin fell by more than 50 percent, reaching its lowest level at USD 6,600. It took place exactly on November 25. Since then, the pioneering cryptocurrency has not returned to $ 14,000.

Travis Kling, founder and chief investment director at Ikigai Asset, recently said that there is a very specific reason why Bitcoin’s price is not rising. He thinks it’s because of the failing supposed pyramid schemes that realized their profits.

PlusToken. CloudToken. OneCoin.

We will likely look back on this period for BTC, when number didn’t go up while the macro backdrop was so exceedingly bullish, & realize with hindsight that it was bc of *billions* of dollars of selling pressure from exit scams.

Its that simple.

— Travis Kling (@Travis_Kling) December 9, 2019

Already in November, the media speculated that the creators of Plus Token flooded the market taken over from BTC investors. Over 22,000 bitcoin dice were paid out from one address during this period. That’s approximately more than 1,100 BTC per day. This represents only a small percentage of the 187,000 BTC owned by Plus Token.

OneCoin could turn out to be a similar threat to the market. This potential pyramid has received from investors around $ 4 billion (although the media also report lower amounts – around $ 2 billion). The exact number of BTC the project might have is not yet known, but Kling suggests that its creators have also been able to liquidate …

toto sgp Quarters Jackpot Winner

Shortly after winning an amazing $1,685.04 on a progressive bingo jackpot at BingoMEGA Quarters we caught up with the lucky player, nicknamed “DustieRose” for a quick chat.


She started by saying: “I had been very sick for 2 days and I was almost out of money in bingo. I was playing solitaire and watching the game without even being in chat. Then I saw the JP shield come down and I thought; Oh well someone is lucky today. I then saw my name and I was very happy. I went into chat and got congratulated by toto sgp and the other players. I called my daughter into my room and showed her and she said; Right on Mom.”


Even though she wasn’t trying to win the JP, with her winnings she was quick to point out: “I plan to buy some furniture for my new home.”


She concluded by saying: “The last time I won a JP was in February 2004. I have been playing at BingoMEGA Quarters since it started. My advice to other players, it doesn’t take a lot; you just need to have the right cards, which is not always easy. I love MEGA.”


Latest Big Jackpot Winner at Glamour Bingo


Shortly after winning a stunning $3,220.82 on a progressive bingo jackpot at Glamour Bingo we caught up with the lucky player, nicknamed “MaryT” for a quick chat.


This was her first jackpot win so she started by saying: “I did not realize it was a Jackpot win at first, I thought it was just a regular win. I was so excited I woke up my hubby at 2:30am! I have gotten 2 other people interested and playing at Glamour and they have both won JP’s.”


As far as her …

Texas toto hk

Texas Hold ’em is probably the best known and most popular form of poker today.


Each player starts with two hole cards. There are three rounds of community cards. These are dealt face up, for every player to use, with betting after each round.


The best 5-card hand using any combination of the five community cards and two hole cards wins.


Each new hand begins with a small blind, a big blind, and a round of betting. The betting rules vary depending upon whether the game is Limit, Pot Limit or No Limit.


Your Hole Cards


Once the first round of betting is complete, the dealer then puts out the first three community cards, or “the flop”. There is a round of betting.


The Flop


The dealer then puts out the fourth community card or “the turn”. There is a round of betting.


The Turn


The dealer then puts out the fifth community card or “the river”. There is a final round of betting.


The River


After the last round of betting, the software will award the pot to the best hand.


All Hold ’em games include a small blind and big blind. These are forced bets, and are determined by the position of the button. These bets are considered live, and every player in the hand must either call the big blind, raise, or fold. The button moves clockwise toto hk around the table, giving each player a turn being the button, small blind, and big blind.


Small Blind and Big Blind


In Limit Hold ’em, each betting round has a fixed bet. In $5/$10, the small blind is $2.50, the big blind is $5, and the first two rounds of betting are in increments …





Golden Tiger Casino is proud to announce that the largest online progressive jackpot was won today. Ronald H. was the lucky Golden Tiger player to win $1,626,184.56 playing Major Millions, Microgaming’s richest progressive slot game.


Golden Tiger Casino is one of the flagship sites of the CasinoRewards network. “Brent” from CasinoRewards was excited to announce this news. “It’s not often we get a progressive jackpot this large” said Brent, “and for it to be won by one of Golden Tiger’s members is tremendous”. Brent continued, “The entire staff at CasinoRewards and over at Golden Tiger we’re stunned when we found out, this is one of the biggest days in our history”.


As one of the leading online casinos, Golden Tiger has had tens of thousands of winners but none as big as this. “It’s common that we ring our players when they make big wins” said Jaqui, one of Golden Tiger’s support staff. “Slot Gacor Players are always excited when they win, be it one hundred dollars or one hundred thousand, but I don’t think anyone can be as excited as Ronald is right now”.


Golden Tiger Casino has one of the largest ranges of games online including Microgaming’s latest progressive jackpot games, classic table games and video poker. You’re guaranteed that this isn’t the last massive jackpot we’ll be seeing at Golden Tiger.




Golden Tiger Casino operates both a traditional online casino and online poker room. As part of the CasinoRewards network Golden Tiger offers the best in promotions and specials. Dedicated to providing the best in service and software, Golden Tiger Casino is the first choice for tens of thousands of players. Find out what all of the fuss is about today, and visit, or …

Legal and Financial Translation Services

Translation Companies UK

Accurate. Punctual. Confidential.

Central Translations is a specialist legal and financial translations agency founded in London by professional translator John Lord in 1982. We handle highly sensitive and confidential legal and financial documents for many leading UK and European law firms and corporates. Over the years, the kind of work we have been asked to do has broadened to include marketing and other technical materials. However, we have always retained a particular focus on legal and financial work.


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Quality & Security

Central Translations is a long standing member of the Association of Translation Companies and has been awarded ISO9001 and EN15038 quality standards. We use the latest translation technologies which securely return your translations with unprecedented efficiency. For more informationclick here >


Qualified legal and financial translators who rank among the best in their profession. By streamlining internal processes we keep our prices for professional legal and financial translations highly competitive.


Secure Translation


Secure TranslationSecurity of information is paramount at Central Translations. We take various measures to ensure that your information remains confidential, by identifying, assessing and mitigating against security risks.More about Translation Companies UK


Where required we can now offer additional security processes for handling sensitive documents:


Fully encrypted transmission and receipt of documents – no emailing

Secure Translation & Review Environment

Dual-factor and IP address authentication

Our Systems

Leading banks and law firms trust us with their work. Our network architecture is designed for security, with a three tier system for web, application and data with reverse proxy to drastically reduce the chance of breaches.


Our systems are backed up to on and offsite locations in high security data centres around the UK, every day. Disaster recovery and Data Security policies are in place and can be discussed …