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Golden Palace Casino is the best online gaming site which is given license by Curacao Internet Gaming Association. This site offers a vast collection of different games over 100 casino games and the players can enjoy playing the game from the comfort of their home.


The minimal requirement to play the casino game online is a computer with an internet connection.

The most exciting feature of this casino is the home page has extensive progressive jackpot total will be increasing on the screen.

Gamers are offered the best chance to win exciting and impressive real prizes.



At Golden Palace Casino, Link Alternatif Bola88 players can select from instant play which is software’s flash based version and free download of casino.

The choice is in the hands of the player. This online casino is motorized by Playtech software provides which is the leading software provider in the gaming software industry.

This site offers multiple features to the players such as selection of gaming tips and preview of games.



At Golden Palace Casino provides exciting options of more than 100 casino games. Players are ensured thrilling and exciting range of entertainment which includes


Card games

Table games

Video slots

Regular slots

Live dealer games

Video poker games

Asian games

Arcade games and more



Different currencies are accepted by at Golden Palace Casino for the player’s convenience across the world.

The gamers make the deposits by using specific methods such as credit card, debit card, click2pay, Moneybookers, NETeller, etc.

Customer service:


Customer support plays a vital role in any casino on the web as the funds are transferred through the internet.

The players can contact the staff of customer support team at anytime around the clock to clarify their queries.

Some …

Togel Singapore

Bingoooooal Footy Frenzy Promotion at Togel Singapore Bingo


What a great time it is, the summer is kicking in and there is always a brilliant soccer match to watch. The love for soccer expresses itself in various ways, from extravagant street parties to great online bingo promotions like the Footy Frenzy at!


All Slots Casino – World Kickoff Event


More and more online casino operators and virtual bingo rooms make their contribution to the 2010 Soccer World Cup. All Slots Casino for example, adds to the festivities with a grand $50,000 World Kickoff Event that will have players winning cash prizes and PlayStation 3 gaming consoles.


Footy Frenzy Bingo Rooms

Until the 11th of July offers eight pre-buy bingo room that are named after a national team competing for the World Cup. In these eight Footy Frenzy Rooms you’ll find a juicy £100 guaranteed jackpot, a free bingo hysteria, and multiple chances to score a shipload of Ladies Points (LPs) with minimum efforts.


The Finals

Things start to get really interesting as of June 29 when the Footy Frenzy games make place for The Finals. From that day on every night at 19.30 hour (London Time) a one pound buy-in bingo game will be hosted in which bingo roomies battle it out for high street shopping vouchers of £500 each.


Spa Game & Flat Screen Final

The final fireworks take place on July 3 and July 7 at Togel Singapore, as then the Wags to Riches Spa Game and the Flat Screen Final will take place. Head on over to and take advantage of this grand prize festival.


Gambling duopoly should go says Australian Productivity Commission

The Australian government’s Productivity Commission recommendations are unlikely to be well received by the gambling groups Tatts and Tabcorp, which have …

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$290,000 Fort Knox TOGELONLINE Winner



This entry was posted on Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 at 1:49 pm


Ugo Torre, a Titan Poker player from Italy,  is the latest winner of the Fort Knox jackpot. He managed to win six Sit ‘N’ Go tournaments in a row and as a result he pocketed a monstrous $290,000. The progressive jackpot originally started at $50,000 and it grew over time.


After the win, Ugo was asked a series of questions – lets hear what he had to say.


What do you do?

I am a Public Relations Contractor.


How long have you been playing poker for and how did you start?

I started 3 years ago, a friend of mine had told me about it but at first I wasn’t convinced. After a while I decided to give it a chance and I opened an account on Titan.


Did you use any special strategy to win the tournament?

I used my experience, waiting for the right hand to come, never letting go.


Are there any key moments that you remember from the tournament?

Not any in particular. I do recall that once, at the beginning of the fifth level, I had 9 and 10 of the same form, I went “all in” and won the togel onlinegame despite the risk.


What do you plan to do with your prize money?

First of all to celebrate with a bottle of champagne.  Then I plan on giving 10% of my winnings to benefits and then I want to invest in my family – such as buying a new car for my daughter.


Advice for other players?

Never give up and always wait for the right moment.




Hit the (progressive) …

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Togel Hongkong – Andres Escobar – A victim of his homeland.



On the 2ndof July 1994, Andres Escobar, was shot dead during a night out with friends. Since the shooting, many theories have been put forward to explain why Escobar was killed. Was he the victim of a revenge attack? Did his own goal against the USA cost him his life? Or did he somehow manage to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?


Andres Escobar was the part of Columbia’s golden generation of players. The South Americans were relatively an unknown quantity in footballing terms leading up to the 1994 World Cup Qualifying campaign. However, by the time the World Cup, held in USA, came round, Columbia were touted as one of the favourites to lift the trophy.


The confidence in the national team was not misplaced. Leading up the finals, Columbia managed a record of 26 games, losing just once, prompting Pele to tip them to lift their first ever World Cup, a view that many shared pre World Cup. The team was full of superstars who excited and entertained their countrymen with dazzling displays full of exuberance and slick passing football.  Players such as Faustino Asprilla, Freddy Rincon and Captain Carlos Valderrama carried the hopes of the nation on their shoulders.


In 1993, Columbia travelled to Argentina for a vital World Cup Qualifying game. Only one of these teams would qualify outright. Columbia put on a world class performance and crusied to a 5-0 win.


However, the rise of Colombian football during the early 90s was not a coincidence. Whilst one Escobar was excelling on the pitch, another Escobar lurked behind the scenes casting a dark shadow over the country.


Pablo Escobar, no relation to his namesake, Andres, was running the country with his drug fuelled wealth. Pablo was …

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Nevada casinos won $732.4 million in November, up 1.5 percent from the same month a year earlier, due mostly to a strong performance by the high-end baccarat places on the Las Vegas Strip.


This was the fourth straight month of increased gaming win statewide, but it is being compared to business after the 9/11 terrorist attacks when the tourist trade fell off in Nevada. Compared with November 2000, gaming win was down 6 percent.


The state Gaming Control Board reported today that the Las Vegas Strip was the only area in Clark County that produced an increased gaming win, up 6 percent. Frank Streshley, senior research analyst for the board, said the Strip was the hardest hit in 2001 after the attack.


Streshley said Nevada casinos won $37.1 million in baccarat in November, up 240 percent. He said the clubs reported a “hold” of 30 percent, compared to a year earlier of 9 percent — meaning the casinos beat the players by a higher percentage. Without the baccarat increase, the statewide win, which is computed before taxes and business expenses, would have been down 2.1 percent.


The board said the state collected $270.2 million in gaming taxes in the first six months of the current fiscal year (July 1-Dec. 31), a 2.2 percent increase from the same period in 2001.


Gov. Kenny Guinn said that means the state is $21.2 million behind the estimates of the Economic Forum, which the state budget is built on. “The news is bleak when you consider we fell another $3.6 million behind where the Economic Forum projects us to be this month (November).”


He said to meet the predictions of the forum; the casino win will have to grow by nearly 18 percent per month for …

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USA Judi Online Online Casinos In August 2014




This is going to be the first in a monthly series of USA casino reports. The U.S. casino business is in a state of flux. The best US casinos in August will probably be different from those in August, 2014. Why does it change so often? The top US online casinos in August 2014, are equally matched. If a USA casino like the Silver Oak Casino is processing payouts slower in August than they were last month I will remove them from the list and replace them with another leading casino that is processing withdrawals more quickly. New bonuses and promotions can also change what the top US casinos are during any given month. In the past Casino Gambling News had Silver Oak and Planet 7 Casino on our list of the best casinos for U.S. citizens. Due to slower than usual payment processing and some excellent promotions at two new US casinos I have changed the rankings. The top USA online casinos in 2014 are the Bovada Casino,  Casino (New!), BetOnline Casino, OnBling Casino and Silver Oak Casino. Our no deposit USA casino bonuses in August are all instant credited.


Judi Online USA Casino Booming In August, 2014 is going to be a very popular casino. They have connections to Bovada/Bodog so they are extremely secure and financially safe. The software is comparable to Bovada’s but there have been a few tweaks. With over 160 games and millions of dollars in progressive jackpots they definitely outrank almost every other USA casino online in 2014. Slotslv opened in mid August and they have giving away a lot of money to draw in new customers. They have specialized bonuses for slots players, table game players or generalists. They also have extremely fast …


Cara Tepat Memilih Togel Agen Bola



Berikut ini akan kami sampaikan bagaimana tips Cara Tepat Memilih Agen Bola online

Karena banyaknya agen-agen online yang baru membuka jasanya, ada baiknya para pemain memilih jasa para agen bola yang bagus dan terpercaya. Tidak semua agen bola online dapat di percaya sehingga membutuhkan pemilihan yang jeli supaya Anda dapat bermain dengan aman dan senang. Dibawah ini akan kami berikan tips cara tepat memilih agen bola :


alexa Cara Tepat Memilih Agen Bola


Cek kredibilitas di

Kami sangat anjurkan untuk cek umur dan tingkat website tersebut di situs Setelah Anda kunjungi, Anda hanya perlu isikan website agen bola yang Anda tertarik untuk bergabung. Contohnya pada agen bola homebet88 sampai saat ini tercatat berada pada 2 jutaan di tingkat international dan akan semakin menurun. Artinya agen bola homebet88 saat ini berada di tingkat 2 jutaan dari seluruh situs yang ada Togel di dunia. Semakin kecil angkanya semakin tinggi juga peringkat yang ada. Peringkat pertama adalah situs


whois Cara Tepat Memilih Agen Bola


Cek umurnya di whois

Cara tepat lainnya memilih agen bola adalah cek umur situs tersebut di sebagai contohnya sudah berdiri sejak tahun 2012 sampai sekarang tetap berjalan dengan baik dan profesional. Domain tersebut akan berakhir pada tahun 2016 tetapi Anda tidak perlu khawatir, karena perpanjangan domain bisa dilakukan dengan cepat. Yang perlu dikhawatirkan adalah agen bola yang membeli domain dan hanya berlaku 1 tahun saja. Agen bola tersebut perlu Anda sangsikan untuk bergabung.


Page Rank Cara Tepat Memilih Agen Bola


Cek PR/Page Rank

Cek PR/Page Rank situs agen bola tersebut. Anda bisa cek di Agen bola Homebet88 saat ini memiliki PR 3, PR tersebut sudah lumayan tinggi mengingat domainnya hanya berumur 2 tahun. Semakin tinggi Togel PR semakin bagus juga website tersebut. Kebanyakan situs …


Taruhan Judi Bola Total Gol Bandarqq Bersama Areataruhan



Salah satu jenis taruhan judi bola online yang tidak memiliki tingkat kesulitan yang terlalu tinggi dalam pemasangan taruhannya adalah jenis taruhan bola total gol. Taruhan judi bola total gol merupakan salah satu jenis taruhan judi bola online yang tidak memiliki tingkat kesulitan yang terlalu tinggi dalam proses pemasangan taruhannya. Karena dalam taruhan judi bola total gol, anda hanya perlu menebak dengan benar total keseluruhan gol yang terjadi didalam suatu pertandingan sepak bola.


Dalam taruhan judi bola total gol juga tidak memiliki tekni khusus dalam pemasangan taruhannya, anda cukup mengikuti insting naluri anda untuk menebak total gol yang terjadi dalam suatu pertandingan sepak bola. Jika anda berhasil menebak dengan benar total keseluruhan gol yang terjadi dalam suatu pertandingan sepak bola, maka anda berhak mendapatkan kemenangan atas taruhan judi bola total gol yang anda pasang.


Taruhan judi bola total gol, anda tidak perlu melihat tim mana yang menciptakan gol karena baik itu tim tamu maupun tim lawan yang menciptakan gol tetap dihitung sama dan dilihat dari keseluruhan total gol yang terjadi dalam suatu pertandingan sepak bola tersebut. Jadi anda tidak perlu melihat tim mana yang akan menangkan suatu pertandingan sepak bola karena patokkan anda tertuju pada total keseluruhan gol yang terjadi dalam suatu pertandingan tersebut.


Agar bisa bermain taruhan judi bola total gol dengan rasa nyaman dan aman, maka kami sarankan agar anda bergabung bersama salah satu agen judi bola online terpercaya seperti Karena areataruhan Bandarqq merupakan salah satu agen judi bola online terpercaya yang telah berdiri lama dalam dunia perjudian online jadi anda tidak perlu meragukan lagi kualitas serta kuantintas dari website areataruhan. Jadi segeralah bergabung bersama website areataruhan agar anda bisa bermain taruhan judi bola total gol dengan rasa nyaman dan aman hanya bersama website areataruhan.


Bermain taruhan judi bola total gol bersama …

poker online terpercaya

Judibola – Kontrol Bayern Membuat Augsburg Kelelahan



Bayern Munich berhasil mendekatkan status juara musim dingin (Herbstmeister) tamat menggulung Augsburg 4-0. Pernah mengiringi Bayern pada sesi mula-mula, Augsburg akhirnya kalah konsekuensi kekuasaan semuanya Die Roten.test1


Munich melanjutkan prosesi mereka dalam Bundesliga musim ini dgn sampai ke SGL Arena, berlomba mengelakkan FC Augsburg. Pengembaraan jarak singkat ke kota Augsburg (yg terletak di negeri bagian yang sama dgn metropolis Munich; Negeri Bagian Bayern) finis pantas.


Barisan Pep Guardiola mampu menyegel empat gol sekalian berjaya melestarikan kesucian gawang mereka walau Manuel Neuer berulang-ulang jauh meninggalkan gawangnya sendiri.


Keunggulan gede ini berasa luar biasa soalnya Bayern meraihnya dr kru penghuni kondisi ke 3 pada tabel klasemen sementara. Lain masalah, terusan tiga angka daripada kompetisi ini membawa Bayern mengangkat status Herbstmeister (berdasar pada harfiah berarti juara musim gugur).


Tanpa harus menyebrangi 17 perkelahian, Bayern telah berjaya menyandang tingkat juara Hinrunde; juara sesi mula-mula.


Dampak pertandingan mengelakkan SC Freiburg serta FSV Mainz 05 tdk akan menggoyang stan jabatan Bayern di puncak klasemen, apalagi meski VfL Wolfsburg selaku kompetitor terdekat makbul menyisihkan sembilan nilai dr 3 laga tertinggal di paruh perdana. Bayern sementara itu mempunyai keunggulan sepuluh nilai dari lawan terdekat mereka.


Kekuasaan Keseluruhan serta Hari yg Wajar dalam Neuer


“Aku merasa bahwa segalanya bertambah segar dari hari ke hari, ” ujar Franck Ribery untuk sebuah wawancara yang hasilnya dimuat pada website resmi Bundesliga pada bulan November kemarin. Permainan Bayern sudah berkembang pada haluan yang jauh lebih bagus soalnya tiap-tiap pemain telah makin bagus mengetahui satu sama lain, sehingga pertunjukan lebih lebih baik dari musim silam.


Hal itu, dari sisi Ribery, adalah trik pertunjukan super Bayern musim ini. Lewat pernyataan antar tokoh yg elok, Bayern sanggup menggalang semakin penuh ancaman sebab mereka sukar diterka. Unsur tersebut jelas tampak untuk laga melawan Augsburg, bahkan pada sesi …

pkv poker

Nomor togel hari ini – Dua Gol Van Persie Menemani MU Taklukkan Southampton



Manchester United pulang dr kunjungannya pada Southampton dgn tiga poin setelah unggul 2-1. Robin van Persie maka satria kemenangan melalui dua golnya, sekalian menuntun timnya masuk ke tiga besar Premier League.test1


Hadir ke St. Mary’s, Selasa (9/12/2014) subuh WIB, MU sejatinya kalah dominan dibandingkan tuan rumah. Whoscored menoreh team besutan Louis van Gaal kalah penguasaan bola dgn 46, 5% berbanding 53, 5%.


Soal kesempatan pun demikian. ‘Setan Merah’ cuma mencopot 3 lesakan seputar duel dgn 2 di antaranya menuju pada gawang juga berbuah gol.  pkv poker Sementara Soton memiliki 15 percobaan dengan 4 yg akurat sasaran.


Van Persie mengepit MU memimpin kian dulu di menit ke-12, pra setelah itu disamakan oleh Graziano Pelle di menit ke-31. Sekalipun terus ditekan oleh tuan rumah, MU lebih-lebih sanggup menjarah gol ke 2 pada menit ke-71 lagi-lagi dengan perantara Van Persie.


Sebab keunggulan tersebut, MU bertambah di urutan tiga untuk mula-mula kalinya musim ini. Wayne Rooney dkk. menoreh nilai 28 daripada 15 rivalitas, tertinggal lima poin dari Manchester City tatkala stan jabatan dua dan delapan poin dr Chelsea pada puncak klasemen. Sementara Soton kudu menjunjung kegagalan ke 3 secara berangkaian. Oleh kesudahannya mereka kendati susut di tingkatan lima dgn 26 poin.


Jalannya Pertandingan


MU hadir ke markas Soton dgn diperkuat kembali Wayne Rooney tamat pulih dr cedera. Di lini belakang, Louis van Gaal menyeleksi mempertunjukkan bek muda Paddy McNair dan mendudukkan John Evans di kursi cadangan


Tuan rumah bertambah dahulu mengancam dalam menit ke-4. Sasaran silang Ryan Bertrand ditanduk Shane Long tetapi bola masih melambung.


Tendangan on target mula-mula MU segera berbuah gol di dalam menit ke-12. Semula Rooney berusaha merasuk pada sebelah kiri dgn melewati Nathaniel Clyne. Tapi bola sodorannya terlalu jauh dan dikuasai Jose Fonte.


Fonte lantas pendapat melakukan back pass …