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UK Casino Club at Casino Captain

UK Casino Club

The Captain loves stopping in at UK Casino Club!  At first I thought it was only fer the UK citizens but pip-pip, cheery ho, whatya know it is not. While this is an awesome destination fer British players and is geared toward the UK player, it is fun to stop in and play among me British friends Like General Red Dog – a true English Gentleman.  Don’t hesitate to stop in and enjoy this traditional and classy casino.  They offer wagering currencies from around the world for everyone to enjoy. Since UK Casino Club is powered by Microgaming it has the perfect mixture of style, class and excellent games!  This is a great casino to play and to help ye enjoy it even more. they will give ye a hefty 100% bonus on yer first deposit up to £125!


Cirrus at Casino Captain


Whenever the Captain is looking for a great time I sail straight for Cirrus Casino.  Cirrus casino is a non-stop casino celebration!  Players at Cirrus Casino enjoy the AMAZING ongoing bonuses, features, and promotions. With so many games to choose from and the fastest software on the internet it keeps the Captain and his crew busy for hours.  The 24/7 Live support is friendly and helpful.   The Captain Loves the many games and eye-catching graphics – Cirrus Casino always proves to be a huge success with its players. Don’t forget to visit the Live Help section and ask to chat with Christine the manager.  Tell her the Captain sent ye and she just might just have a little something extra for ye!


Flamingo Club at Casino Captain

Flamingo Club

Flamingo Club Casino is one of the most thrilling, enjoyable and beautiful online casinos on the internet today. The game graphics at Flamingo Club Club Casino are amazing and the games themselves are fast, exciting and offer extremely high payouts!  Even better odds than the captain has ever found at any Las Vegas casino. In addition to all of this, the Captain notices that Flamingo Club offers a new player sign-up bonus that is among the most generous in the industry.  This is an impressive 200% match bonus on all players first deposit ever.  This gives you triple the playing power and chances to win! At Flamingo Club Casino ye can enjoy a wide variety of games including the world’s first $1 million payout slot machine.


Casino Euro

Casino Euro

Aye. The Captain encourages ye to gamble in comfort and confidence at Casino Euro, the #1 European online casino site. Casino Euro is a download-free site like none other, Matey and the Java games are both realistic and hassle free, allowing all me players to venture into the casino without having to waste time downloading and installing an entire casino worth of games. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the selection is limited. Quite the contrary. Casino Euro’s swashbuckling features display an enormous variety of games to choose from. All of this is of course backed by a first rate support staff, quality security features and terrific assortment of comp programs. All told, Casino Euro is an exceptional, award-winning site that caters to its patrons in nearly every regard. New Players are welcomed with a bonus of up to 111 € !!! Monthly bonuses are given out EVERY MONTH! visitez le site and did a slight redesign. It looks nice and it will work well with their new features (some of which haven’t been released yet).


Steve is in Australia. If you’re lucky he’ll post an update after he visits one of the local casinos and steals all the local’s money.


I haven’t been playing much poker, although I did lose $10 on Monday night the slowest poker game in history. The guys I played with were funny, but damn were they slow. I never really paid attention and ended up throwing chips away at stupid times. They probably thought I was pretty bad. Maybe I am. But I doubt it.


If you’re wondering why updates are coming slowly, swing by my other blog. I’ve been focusing on adding more content to it and this site has been less of a priority. But it will start getting regular posts soon, just as soon as Steve gets back from the land down under.


Poker for leisure


While most of the time I’m playing poker the goal is to make maximum profit and get that profit back into my bank account there are times when I play poker just for the fun of it. One of my roommates made a big cash last year for over $2000 in one tournament and since then only plays for fun. He never went up in limits and still plays the $5 SNGs with my other roommates just for a nice break from school work. I decided to take a one week break and not play as much or as seriously for two reasons: 1) Poker has not been as fun lately, and I find myself less willing to open Pokerstars, and 2) I have 3 finals coming up next week and I need to focus on my schoolwork! visitez le site


I’ve taken most of my bankroll off of pokerstars and left myself $40 to mess around with in the next week just playing what I feel like, nothing too demanding or stressful. This quarter in school has been a very good one for poker. I’ve cashed $2,600 total in-the-bank profit from Pokerstars this quarter and with that money I am traveling to Australia over winter break to visit my girlfriend, paying my parents back for some school related stuff, and now I don’t have to worry so much about money in general, so I think I can say I deserve a break (Plus my roommates keep threatening to call that 1-800 gambler’s anonymous line for me, haha).


After break and my trip to Australia I will gear back up for poker, and my girlfriend told me we can spend a day at the casino in Brisbane, Australia since you only have to 18 to drink and gamble down there so I’ll keep you all posted on how that goes. Off to study!