The bra has been raised in Togel Singapore




There are two things in life that I’ll never really understand; bigamy, and the mechanics of a bra. The wife finds my ineptness hilarious, she was rolling on the floor last night as I struggled with a multitude of hooks; I should really have passed her the valium.




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For me, that was the least amusing moment of my life, and I’ve met Tim Lovejoy.


Whenever I feel depressed, I find the quotes of Ian Holloway are always therapeutic. The great man has been responsible for more quality lines than Pete Doherty.


The Plymouth manager’s mirth masks an underlying intelligence, like a beauty queen dying her hair ginger to fend off an unwanted suitor for Togel Singapore. I refuse to underestimate the modern day Socrates; I’m piling into Plymouth at 17/10 to knock out Watford.


The last time Middlesbrough met Manchester United, Gareth Southgate was quick to condemn Ronaldo’s propensity to greet the turf like a long lost relative.


Sir Alex was equally unequivocal in his counter, labelling the novice manager ‘naïve’, which as far as I’m aware, is not even a real word. There are an abundance of words that adequately sum up the 3/4 for another Manchester United win, I’ve settled for ‘pulchritudinous’.


It would not surprise me in the slightest if the contentious Ronaldo opened the scoring at 7/1. The orange winger is currently so hot; it would take a whole tub of Canesten to cool him down.


Chelsea’s grip on the Premiership has been loosened by the often maligned John O’Shea. Frank Lampard found it particularly ironic, as most of his goals have been assisted by John’s lesser known brother, Rick.


I’ve had a pop at Lamps in the past, but I must praise him for defending Adebayor in the aftermath of the Carling Cup. I’m not sure I believe his claim that he was never smacked; something must have given him the munchies. I’ll be taking the family out for a slap-up meal if Chelsea beat Tottenham at 4/9; they can even ‘go large’.


Jose Mourinho should steer clear of the card tables. The Special One looked completely bewildered as Shevchenko missed another sitter last week; the only way the Chelsea manager would ever win at poker is if he played the West Ham lads. A bet on Lampard to net the opener at 13/2 is the equivalent of getting your hands on a big pair.


Blackburn host Manchester City in a tie that has ‘home win’ written all over it. The Rovers have already hammered Psycho’s gang twice this season; the odds of 19/20 would need to be lying seductively on a couch wearing a Velcro brassiere to be any more appealing.


Manchester City’s strike-force is so lightweight, wafer-thin model Kate Moss would be a clear favourite if they were ever to meet in a ruck. Blackburn are 6/5 to keep a clean sheet, dig in.


I’m often asked why I appear reluctant to share my expertise on the Scottish football scene. I can assure you it’s not a result of xenophobia; some of my best friends know Scottish people.


Celtic are on a six match unbeaten run against Rangers; they look a cracking investment at 21/20 to continue their recent outright ownership. There’s a real lesson to be learned here, money earned from an FA Cup match is equal to money gained from park football.


The weekend accer is so inspiring; it makes me believe that one day all men will be free from discrimination, injustice and persecution for trying to lift a bra over a lady’s head. Chelsea, Blackburn, Plymouth and Celtic are the selections, the payout is an ample 12/1.

Game Dingdong di Playstore Tidak Menguntungkan Togel Singapore




Di era teknologi seksrang, hampir semua kegiatan manusia memanfaatkan keberadaan teknologi. Apalagi dengan keberadaan jaringan internet, yang bisa melakukan berbagai macam hal mulai dari berkirim surst, jual beli, bahkan berjudi. Permainan judi casino pun bisa dimainkan oleh para pemain secara online lho. Mulai dari permainan ding dong sampai dengan poker. Dari permainan berbasis judi sampai permainan berbasis game bisa dimainkan melalui kecanggihan smartphone. Sepeti yang belakangan ini pemain lakukan yaitu bermain game dingdong di playstore.


Dengan permainan dingdong yang asik dan menarik, para pemain bisa betah duduk berlama memgang smartphone untuk memainkan permainan tersebut. Memang sih, sedikit tidak menguntungkan karena hanya bermain saja. Tapi bagi anda yang ingin mendapatkan keuntungan ketika bermain dingdong, bisa menggunakan jasa situs judi online lho. Dimana pertaruhan permainan dingdongnya melibatkan uang Togel Singapore rupiah asli. Jadi ketika memenangkan permainan tersebut pun pemain akan mendapatkan keuntungan berupa uang asli pula.


Syarat Bermain Judi Online, Bukan Game Dingdong di Playstore

Game Dingdong Di Playstore


Untuk anda yang berminat mencari keuntungan uang asli lewat permainan ding dong, lebih baik segera mendaftarkan diri saja ke dalam situs judi online yang sudah banyak diinternet. Selain keuntungan menang permainan, salam situs agen judi tersebut, anda berhak menikmati keuntungan lainnya lho. Dengan begitu keuntungan yang bisa didapatkan ketika memainkan ding dong di situs judi online akan lebih besar daripada hanya bermain game dingdong di playstore. Bagi anda yang berminat untuk memainkan perjudian online, berikut ini cara pendaftarannya :


Menyiapkan Syarat Anggota

Syarat.Keanggotaan judi online harus disiapkan dulu jika ingin mendaftar di situs agen.Hal tersebut agar nantinya pendaftaran anggota tidak memakan waktu ya lama.Biasanya syarat umum yang harus disiapkan adalah, rekening bank online baik bank nasional maupun bank daerah, alamat email, nomor handphone.


Mengunjungi Situs Judi Online

Jika syaratnya sudah lengkap, anda bisa mengunjungi situs judi online untuk memulai proses pendaftarannya. Baik menggunakan smartphone maupun komputer anda bisa mengunjungi situs judi online menggunakan aplikasi web browser. Jika tidak tahu alamat situsnya, bisa menggunakan fasilitas search engine, dan pilihlah salah satu situs judi dingdong yang ada dari hasil pencarian search engine.


Mengisi Formulir

Setelah berada dalam halaman utama situs judi online, biasanya anda akan melihat tombol pendaftaran anggota. Pilihlah tombol tersebut, maka dalam beberapa detik anda akan berpindah halaman yang menampilkan formulir pendaftaran anggota judi online. Isilah formulir tersebut secara lengkap sesuai dengan persyaratan yang telah disiapkan sebelumnya.Jika sudah, tekan tombol kirim di bagian bawah formulir dan tunggu konfirmasi dari situs agen judi online.



Anda sudah memiliki akun, selanjutnya lakukanlah transaksi deposit dengan melakukan transfer uang kepada agen jud online menggunakan nomor rekening yang telah didaftarkan. Proses deposit adalah pengisian saldo akun judi online yang dimiliki pemain. Dengan saldo judi tersebutlah pemain akan bertaruh dalam permainan dingdong untuk mendapatkan keuntungan kemenangan berupa uang asli. Anda bebas melakukan deposti sebanyak apapun, yang penting lebih besar dari batas minimal deposit yang telah ditetapkan oleh situs agen judi online.


Demikianlah cara pendaftaran anggota judi online dingdong yang menggunakan uang asli. Proses tersebut diatas wajib dilakukan oleh setiap pemain yang ingin memainkan permaianan ding dong dalam situs judi online. Untuk itu segeralah siapkan persyaratan anggotanya dan lakukanlah pendaftaran. Karena dengan bermain dingdong di situs judi online akan lebih memberikan keuntungan uang asli dibanding anda hanya membuang waktu bermaingame dingdong di playstore. Selamat bermain dan semoga beruntung!

First 50 financial investors and Togel Singapore gambling companies of the MECN investment database are made public



Only about 3 months after the start of the MECN gambling investment database, about 50 financial investors and companies active in the gambling industry have registered in the database. Thus, it is time to present the first entries of the database.


The gambling and gaming industry offers a wealth of investment opportunities, and more and more financial investors are increasingly eager to find attractive investment targets. But there is not much information available about investment opportunities in the gambling industry; therefore, this report and the investment database are intended as intermediaries between investors and the gambling industry.


The report features investors and investment targets that are currently registered in the MECN investment database. All companies presented are either financial investors looking for attractive investment targets in the gambling industry or gambling companies seeking funding.


And so far the reaction has been very positive. As Martin Oelbermann, director of MECN, states, “We were thrilled by the number of investors wanting to fund gambling companies and even more impressed by the variety of gambling companies registered.”


In summary, the following basic conclusions can be drawn regarding investors (13 entries) and companies (37 entries) registered:

– The investors are mainly corporate investors, private equity companies, and private investors.

– Top investment preferences of the registered investors are companies in the gambling technology and online gambling sector. But the report also includes investors looking for investment in all land-based sectors.

– The investors represented offer a wide variety of potential investment volumes. Investments start from below USD 2 million and can range up to an investment of over USD 100 million.

– Of the companies registered, about 50% are in the online gambling business; the second largest group are technology/service providers, and land-based casinos are the third largest group. But other sectors, such as land-based lotteries and betting companies are also represented.

– Most Togel Singapore companies are looking for funding for the early and the expansion phases and ask for a funding volume of USD 1 to 10 million.


In addition, the report includes a comprehensive list of private equity companies active in the gambling/gaming industry, selected investment opportunities in publicly traded companies, and a description of upcoming IPOs in the industry.


The report can be obtained at MECN will continue updating the database and invites interested investors and companies to register (free of charge) under the same website.