Golden Tiger Casino is proud to announce that the largest online progressive jackpot was won today. Ronald H. was the lucky Golden Tiger player to win $1,626,184.56 playing Major Millions, Microgaming’s richest progressive slot game.


Golden Tiger Casino is one of the flagship sites of the CasinoRewards network. “Brent” from CasinoRewards was excited to announce this news. “It’s not often we get a progressive jackpot this large” said Brent, “and for it to be won by one of Golden Tiger’s members is tremendous”. Brent continued, “The entire staff at CasinoRewards and over at Golden Tiger we’re stunned when we found out, this is one of the biggest days in our history”.


As one of the leading online casinos, Golden Tiger has had tens of thousands of winners but none as big as this. “It’s common that we ring our players when they make big wins” said Jaqui, one of Golden Tiger’s support staff. “Slot Gacor Players are always excited when they win, be it one hundred dollars or one hundred thousand, but I don’t think anyone can be as excited as Ronald is right now”.


Golden Tiger Casino has one of the largest ranges of games online including Microgaming’s latest progressive jackpot games, classic table games and video poker. You’re guaranteed that this isn’t the last massive jackpot we’ll be seeing at Golden Tiger.




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Database was stolen, but still in use


The theft of a player database that belonged to Grand Banks Casino and was left in the safekeeping of provider Real Time Gaming continued to produce new surprises this week, although the alleged Latvian webmaster culprit has still not been identified.


Early in the week several players complained that they were still getting follow-up email traffic from Friedman’s Windows Casino despite the fact that he now clearly knows the database was stolen (Friedman claims he innocently bought the database from an unknown Latvian webmaster)


The speculation is that regardless of the dubious origins of the database Friedman has embedded it into the Windows records and continues to use it in attempts to persuade players to gamble at his casino, which competes with Grand Banks for business. The ethical and decent thing to do here would be to expunge this illegally supplied and private information completely.


Confusing the issue even further, an informant has told us that in fact this database has been touted around over the past couple of months with a somewhat extravagant price tag of $25 000. The identity of the seller is known (and it appears that he is not Latvian) and the information has been passed on to the aggrieved Grand Banks Casino for whatever follow-up action they wish to take. It is, after all alleged to be their database that is being hawked around. This could result in further fireworks and embarrassment for some of the parties involved in this disturbing player information security dispute.