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Central Translations is a specialist legal and financial translations agency founded in London by professional translator John Lord in 1982. We handle highly sensitive and confidential legal and financial documents for many leading UK and European law firms and corporates. Over the years, the kind of work we have been asked to do has broadened to include marketing and other technical materials. However, we have always retained a particular focus on legal and financial work.


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Quality & Security

Central Translations is a long standing member of the Association of Translation Companies and has been awarded ISO9001 and EN15038 quality standards. We use the latest translation technologies which securely return your translations with unprecedented efficiency. For more informationclick here >


Qualified legal and financial translators who rank among the best in their profession. By streamlining internal processes we keep our prices for professional legal and financial translations highly competitive.


Secure Translation


Secure TranslationSecurity of information is paramount at Central Translations. We take various measures to ensure that your information remains confidential, by identifying, assessing and mitigating against security risks.More about Translation Companies UK


Where required we can now offer additional security processes for handling sensitive documents:


Fully encrypted transmission and receipt of documents – no emailing

Secure Translation & Review Environment

Dual-factor and IP address authentication

Our Systems

Leading banks and law firms trust us with their work. Our network architecture is designed for security, with a three tier system for web, application and data with reverse proxy to drastically reduce the chance of breaches.


Our systems are backed up to on and offsite locations in high security data centres around the UK, every day. Disaster recovery and Data Security policies are in place and can be discussed upon request.


Chinese Technical Translation

Chinese Technical Translation

We offer technical translations for the Chinese languages. Although Mandarin may be the most widely used language, with about 850 million speakers, we also provide Cantonese, Wu, and Min translations.


With so much diversity, we only use local Chinese language experts, as they can guarantee that our Chinese technical translations will be both accurate and detailed.


Producing technical translations can be both intricate and challenging. Therefore it is vital to use expertly trained Chinese linguists with the correct knowledge and experience.


Our experience in Chinese technical translation includes working with clients in the following fields:



Defence and Security

Electronics and Electronic Engineering

Engineering and Construction

IT, Networks and Computing

Machinery and Tooling



Along with our extensive knowledge in Chinese technical translations, our translation tools can deal with technical document formats. Our sophisticated software filters through the original copy, and separates all translatable text from coding. Our intelligent platforms also guarantee that the translator will not interfere with the initial formatting.


Meet some of our Chinese Technical Translators

Chinese Technical Translator


I’ve translated over 8 million words of various materials in 15 years. I use Trados to do most works, and my familiar tools include: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, PageMaker, Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, Coreldraw, TRADOS. Many local and overseas companies, such as APP, L&W, Perkins, Ntpharma, Borgwarner, Losberger, Cognis, Philips, Kodak, FedEx, Toshiba, Encad, ABN Bank, GE, Hitachi, Logitech, ViewSonic, Lenovo, Sony Ericsson, Microsoft, BENQ, CHRISTIE, EPSON, Marantz, ORACLE, MEDIOSTREAM, BOI (Bank of Ireland), ACER, ABIT, Fuji, GrapeCity, HP, Intel, Sonic, DELL, ZTE, have benefited from my translation and localization services.