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The National Foundation for Cancer Research Joins Soccer Teams to “Kick it to Cancer”


Bethesda, Md. – May 18, 2011 – The National Foundation for Cancer Research is teaming up with soccer

players around the country for a nationwide fundraiser entitled “Kick it to Cancer!” Any soccer team,

whether high school, college, or community-based, can participate by dedicating proceeds from one or

more games to be donated to NFCR.


“There are countless ways you can help fund cancer research, but a great place to start is by utilizing the

talents you already possess,” said Togel Singapore Franklin C. Salisbury Jr., President of NFCR. “Fundraising programs like

‘Kick it to Cancer’ allow you to do what you love and help save lives at the same time.”

NFCR is providing numerous resources to help participants get started, including an event manual and

cancer information materials. The campaign lasts throughout the end of the year.

To sign up or get more information, click here or visit www.nfcr.org/kickittocancer.


About the National Foundation for Cancer Research


The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) is a leading charity dedicated to funding cancer

research and public education relating to cancer prevention, earlier diagnosis, better treatments and,

ultimately, a cure for cancer. NFCR promotes and facilitates collaboration among scientists to accelerate

the pace of discovery from bench to bedside.


Since 1973, NFCR has provided over $288 million in direct support of discovery-oriented cancer research

focused on understanding how and why cells become cancerous, and on public education relating to

cancer prevention, detection, and treatment. NFCR scientists are discovering cancer’s molecular

mysteries and translating these discoveries into therapies that hold the hope for curing cancer. NFCR is

about Research for a Cure -mcures for all types of cancer.


Japan have withdrawn again from July’s Copa America once again.


The JFA initially pulled out when March’s earthquake and tsunami forced the J-League to reschedule during the Copa America, but re-entered the competition following discussions with CONMEBOL, who were still keen for Japan to take part.


Now Chief Executive Junji Ogura has confirmed there will be no Japanese presence in Argentina after both J-League and European clubs signalled their reluctance to release players. The stumbling block for the 15 European clubs holding Japanese players was the early start of their league season, because of Euro 2012.


JFA Technical Director Hiromi Hara flew to Europe for discussions with almost a dozen clubs but came back empty-handed as clubs had complained the Copa America was essentially only a friendly tournament for Japan. The JFA opted not to send a B team to the tournament, as the USA had done in 2007, where it lost all its matches.