Download no longer required at Absolute Poker



Absolute Poker is promising its customers a direct route to the online felt with the release of new no-download software.


The product, Instant Play, is a Java version of the popular Internet poker room. This means Absolute Poker customers can log in and compete on the site using the same username, password and balance anywhere and on any PC or Mac.


Now while players are on vacation or working from remote locations, their Hold’em options aren’t limited, the company said in a release Tuesday.


Though available to all of the poker room’s customers, Instant Play caters to Mac users who have fewer options when it comes to choosing a site.


“Instant Play will catapult Absolute Poker ahead of all competitors – the poker community has been longing to play poker on any PC or Mac – no other poker company has perfected Instant Play to this level,” said company vice president David Clainer.


“Travelers, remote players and Mac users are largely underserved in this market and we have taken the necessary steps to accommodate them.”


In the release the company also stated that Absolute Poker executives expect to see their market share grow significantly in the coming months. has selected as the site of the month! is the fastest growing poker site on the web! Check it out for yourself and see why today!


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Represent – The Tao of Texas Hold’em? – Game Theory



In his book, Phil Hellmuth’s Texas Hold’Em (published by Collins, and adapted from Play Poker Like the Pros“>Play Poker Like the Pros), Phil Hellmuth talks about the 5 animals that most poker players seem to fall into, in terms of playing behaviour. Being new to Texas Hold’em, I’m not sure yet if I fully subscribe to this theory, but it seems to make sense.


His five poker animal types, that he feels are the most common, are the eagle, mouse, elephant, jackal and lion. I won’t get into the nuances of each. Suffice it to say that each animal has its own playing (that is, betting) behaviour. Some are more predictible than others. The two that stand out for me are the mouse and the jackal. The mouse only raises on certain hands – fear the mouse’s raise. The jackal raises on everything, perpetually obscuring their hand, but becoming something like the class clown


The more I play Texas Hold’Em, and the more I read about it, it occurs to me that if you want to do really well, you not only have to learn to represent (targeted bluffing) certain hands, you also have to represent different animals in different games.


Novelist Stephen R. Donaldson wrote a series of books based on Wagner’s famous opera, The Rings of the Nibulungen, about a set of characters who unwittingly swap their roles during the course of the story. I’m putting forth the theory that you have to do something similar in Texas Hold’Em (maybe even all types of poker), and change your “animal”, but be in control of the change.


Using a similar analogy, consider the martial art of Kung Fu. There are several basic types, all of which are based on animals and their specific …