Nevada casinos won $732.4 million in November, up 1.5 percent from the same month a year earlier, due mostly to a strong performance by the high-end baccarat places on the Las Vegas Strip.


This was the fourth straight month of increased gaming win statewide, but it is being compared to business after the 9/11 terrorist attacks when the tourist trade fell off in Nevada. Compared with November 2000, gaming win was down 6 percent.


The state Gaming Control Board reported today that the Las Vegas Strip was the only area in Clark County that produced an increased gaming win, up 6 percent. Frank Streshley, senior research analyst for the board, said the Strip was the hardest hit in 2001 after the attack.


Streshley said Nevada casinos won $37.1 million in baccarat in November, up 240 percent. He said the clubs reported a “hold” of 30 percent, compared to a year earlier of 9 percent — meaning the casinos beat the players by a higher percentage. Without the baccarat increase, the statewide win, which is computed before taxes and business expenses, would have been down 2.1 percent.


The board said the state collected $270.2 million in gaming taxes in the first six months of the current fiscal year (July 1-Dec. 31), a 2.2 percent increase from the same period in 2001.


Gov. Kenny Guinn said that means the state is $21.2 million behind the estimates of the Economic Forum, which the state budget is built on. “The news is bleak when you consider we fell another $3.6 million behind where the Economic Forum projects us to be this month (November).”


He said to meet the predictions of the forum; the casino win will have to grow by nearly 18 percent per month for the remainder of the fiscal year to catch up. That’s very unlikely, said the governor.


The board said that statewide table game revenue reached $277.1 million, up 17.4 percent. There were increases in blackjack win of 13.7 percent; craps by 6.4 percent, roulette by 16.3 percent and the sports pool by 16.8 percent. But slot win fell 6.2 percent to $451 million statewide.


Casinos on the Strip produced $372.4 million in Togel Singapore gaming revenue. In 2001 the win was down 16.3 percent. The win in 2002 was down 6.6 percent from two years ago.




Calculations have been made that show the average odds of winning are as follows:

Odds of player winning – 44.62%

Odds of dealer winning – 45.85%

Odds of a tie – 9.53%

Thus, it would seem to be to your advantage to bet on the house winning on every hand.

To even out the odds however, the house charges a commission (typically 5%) on winning player bets placed on the house. How should this change the way a player wagers?


Factoring in the commission it turns out that you are still slightly better off by betting that the house will win. This assumes the commission is the usual 5%, however, should the commission change then you have to change strategy.


If the commission is less than 5% then it is to your advantage to bet with the house

If the commission is more than 5% it pays to bet on the player winning

Baccarat sometimes allows for a bet to be made for a tie, and sometimes it doesn’t (mini baccarat typically played online usually does). Although the odds of 8 to 1 may sound appealing, it is considered one of the worst wagers in the casino, so don’t bother making this bet part of your baccarat strategy.


Removing the tie hands in the event there is no payoff, the odds of the player winning are 49.32% and 50.68% for the dealer. For various commissions we can calculate the following average payoffs then, assuming 100 wagers of $1 were made.